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5, Street 606, Sangkat Boeung kak 2, Khan Toul Kork 120408, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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(+855) 86 666 680

Together Stronger

8S Group Is A Hub Of Diversified & Integrated Opportunities

We specialize in domestic investments and international import & export ventures. We cover diverse sectors such as Agro-Industry, Integrated Trading, Integrated F&B, Life & Career Coaching, Integrated Advisory, Integrated Finance, Real Estate & Construction, Creative & Printing, IT and Beauty Accessories. 

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Our Vision

To Build A 21st Century Group That Is:

Synergic, Adaptive​

Sustainable, whilst Lucrative

Communicative and Collaborative

Our Mission

To Lead The Businesses Of The Future In & From Cambodia By:

8S Group

Our Businesses & Projects

8S Agro-Industry

It is a diversified agricultural company in Cambodia with several business lines such as Swiftlet Nest, Agarwood, Luxury Wood, Fruits & Nuts, Aquaculture and Flowers (the last 2 are newly developed businesses). It mostly focuses on high margin agricultural products to Chinese & Middle Eastern markets as well as EU & North American markets in the future.

8S Integrated Trading

It is a new project focusing on the export of Cambodian agricultural products (especially the ones produced by 8S Agro-Industry). It also aims to link the local farmers to the global markets by offering full traceability for the agri-marketplace, convenience and cost effective solutions for the users though an integrated online system. In the future, we will expand the products covered through contract farming whilst ensuring full traceability (blockchain), thus helping local farmers to access international markets. In addition, we do imports of other products (mostly F&B and beauty body products).


This strategic partner has 2 main divisions: Consumer Goods & Manufacturing Goods. The 1st one includes food, beverage, mosquito repellent, body care and perfume. The 2nd one engages in Manufacturing, Trading and importing construction materials such as HDPE, Pipe fitting, PPR and PVC Pipes for Water Supply, Agriculture Irrigation, Drainage, Building Project, Marine and Gas Supply.

8S Integrated F&B

Currently 8S Integrated Food & Beverage mainly consists of “1997 Coffee Bar”. This coffee shop caters to the needs of young Cambodian nowadays whose drinking coffee is a part of their urban lifestyle. We do also offer catering services (coffee, other drinks, food etc.) during events like weddings. To note that we are currently working to transform this café into a new franchise “1997 Art Café”. In the future, we aim to provide as much as possible the products locally produced further enhancing the coffee and tea supply chains in Cambodia through an order | purchase online system and online sales, as well as promoting Khmer art and culture.

8S Life & Career Coaching

This new project aims to provide online courses as well as direct coaching to people that needs to better manage their stress, improve their well-being and achieve success. During the 2nd phase, we are looking to develop a virtual companion (mobile application) on mobile phone that can help people directly in these areas.

Plan A Consulting

It is a strategic partner that focuses on providing advisory services to SMEs related to their strategy planning, financial modelling, financial planning, fund raising as well as digital transformation. The sectors & areas covered are Agriculture, Finance & Banking, Infrastructure, Construction, Information Technology and Recycling.

Our Group Milestones

On The Road To Build The businesses Of The Future!

2015: 8S Agro-Industry Co., Ltd. | 8S Superfood® & Heaven Swiftlet Nest® 

2016: 27 Swiftlet Nest Houses 

2017: Agarwood Plantations (242ha | 600K Trees) 

2018: Longan Plantation (70ha | 15K Trees) & Cashew Nut Plantation (165ha | 36K Trees)

2019: Agarwood Oil Plantation Factory

2020: CAM-IDEA | Watch Empire

2021: Luxury Wood Plantations (322 ha | 830K Trees) 

2022: Fish & Crayfish Farming

2023: Plan A Consulting | KCRi | CHLL Global Logistics 

2024:  NP | Moon Engineering & Construction | ADITI | ADITI Media | Xerficate

Our Directors

Transformational Leaders With Extensive Expertise In Their Own Field

Oknha Sovithya Sothy
Executive Director
Oknha Sothy Nang

Message From Our Chairman

A Company Is Like A Human Being!

A company is like a human being, it is born, gets older with a variable level of success and may die one day, at least if it can’t evolve fast enough to adapt itself to its always changing environment.

Thus, driving and managing a company requires us to treat it as we treat ourselves. If the Shareholders, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Management are like the brain, the employees and other contractors are like the other organs of the body, and they absolutely need each other to properly function (e.g., eating, walking etc.) and especially survive in this world. Neglect and/or mistreat one part, it will create issues and problems for the other part later with absolute certainty. It is just common sense.

Moreover, like a human being mostly lives in group and interacts with others, a company is not evolving alone but with many other companies and stakeholders. In this situation, mistreating others may have short-term results and benefits but would be suicidal in the long term. Again, it is just common sense. Therefore, we will strive to adhere to the Environment, Social and Governance framework and standards as much as we can to survive in the long run in this world. 

Finally, we aim to build a 21st century group that is always synergic with a more efficient usage of its resources, adaptive to its internal and external constraints and sustainable by balancing the short-term and long-term interests. Likewise, we will be always lucrative to be able to remunerate all the stakeholders adequately and attract new investors, and without doubt favor the constant and prompt communication and collaboration between and to all the internal and external stakeholders (including shareholders, employees, consumers, suppliers, and relevant local and international authorities). 

Striving All for the Stars!!!

Mr. Sovithya Sothy 

Our News

Our Group & CSR Activities

Ms. Omuoy, as a part of E-Trade for Women, UN Women, and UNCTAD

Mrs. Omuoy Heang attended the Women’s Forum Singapore as a speaker

Head Office Address

5,Street 606, Sangkat Beung Kak 2,Khan Toul Kork

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Monday - Saturday
08.00 am - 17.00 pm

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